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HFS Performance's personalized training is precisely what you need if your goal is to get healthier, be faster and become stronger. From personal training, athletic training, to overall health and fitness, we have a program tailor-made for you and your goals.

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Isatu Fofanah is one of Canada's top female sprinters, representing Canada on the world stage in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, setting division 1 university school records, and being part of Team Canada's 4x100m record-setting team. She has dual personal training certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and CanfitPro, as well as certificates in exercise for children and adolescents through NASM and Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Possessing the mindset and work ethic to maximize her training and potential, Isatu is a veteran in the gym and on the track. Playing multiple sports from a young age for fun led her to explore her dream of competing on the world stage. Isatu Attended Northern Arizona University and studied Exercise Science as an undergrad. Fitness is something that she has always gravitated to and wants to do for the rest of her life. From personal training, group training, and sports specific speed training, she is a rounded individual that has lots of experience behind her name. 

When she isn’t training, she is spending time with her two cats Kion and Zia. She can be found cooking, eating, buying more plants, and escaping to warmer climates. Her upbeat, positive and funny personality makes her a great motivator and an encouraging trainer to have in your corner.

Favourite Quote: “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

 ______Zen Buddhism




Ethan Tripp is the co-owner and a personal trainer at HFS Performance.

After graduating from Grant MacEwan University he decided to pursue personal training. Completing his CPT certification through National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has been heavily involved in sports from a very young age. Starting with playing hockey, a short stint in basketball, and finishing with rugby, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting. A multitude of injuries, culminating in a broken ankle cut his sports career short.

Redirecting his focus to wanting to offer a safe and comprehensive training program where athletes and the general population can explore their potential. Ethan has a passion for helping clients from all walks of life get back to their sport or simply feel better and progress along their fitness journey. His extensive background working in a physical therapy clinic has helped him maximize his knowledge and skill; adding to his rehab and program design repertoire for all types of individuals and fitness levels. Ethan works with a variety of clientele ranging from high-level athletes, post-rehab clients, to weight loss and weight gain. 

When Ethan isn’t training or designing programs, he is spending time with his loved ones, can be found working out, trying to cook, seeking new adventures, and being an avid reader and movie lover. His upbeat, positive and charismatic personality makes him a great motivator and an encouraging trainer to have in your corner. 

Favourite Quote: “The workout provides your body a stimulus, the quality of your sleep and nutrition determines how much of that stimulus your body actually absorbs”



157 Glenridding Ravine 

SW Edmonton

T6W 4J8

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